Brand Strategy & Development

For brands ranging from design engineering firms to high-end jewelry, I have written brand-defining copy which served as the basis of each client's unique voice & tone. Further, by focusing on customer-intent, I was able to both improve brand awareness and overall conversion rates through effective emotive communications.

Web Copy & UX Copy

I have generated original web copy, product copy, and UX mobile-app copy for companies of varying sizes. The resulting works have increased on-site conversion rates, minimized the length of client sales cycles, and boosted individual product sales — indicating clarity in strategic communication to the end-user.

Ad Copy & Marketing Materials

With official certifications in Inbound Marketing, Search Advertising, and Facebook Display Ads—from Hubspot, Google, and Facebook respectively—I have a wealth of ad copy experience and technical expertise. As an advertising copywriter, I maintain focus on industry-trends and new promotion formats.

Email Marketing Campaigns

I have written copy for both inbound and outbound email campaigns, achieving respective open rates more than 97% and 34% higher than industry-average. I have also designed & implemented campaign funnels, including automation, conditional logic, and site event functions, to increase CTRs in excess of 15% (nearly 10x industry-averages).

Copywriting Work

Copywriter & Content Strategist

At its core, good copywriting is about storytelling. It is evocative. It is engaging. It makes us feel something. As study after study has shown, consumer behavior is primarily driven by emotion, not reason. Stories move us, they speak to us, and they compel a reaction. That is why it's essential to choose a copywriter who can tell your brand story in effective, emotive communication methods.

Professional Copywriter | Copywriting & Content 11

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