technology company focused on consumer cookware products, “Desora, Inc.” (subsequently referred to as “the client”) had just purchased a new product line (the “Cinder” grill) and was looking to entirely rebrand the unit for a product relaunch (under the client company banner) with a punchy, new marketing campaign. After learning more about their needs and perceived issues with the existing brand, I set out to create a campaign that would not only define the product in a clear, concise, and bold manner but also one which could serve as a foundation from which to build an entire brand and future marketing endeavors. The client was encountering strategic difficulty in finding the right way to market the brand, as the unit itself was a fundamentally new category in cookware products, and indeed, an entirely new method of cooking, as well. It would require an innovative approach to both explain the unfamiliar product, and to excite audiences about it, without it seeming complicated or unruly.

The product, “Cinder,” is a smart countertop grill with extremely precise temperature control & even heating-system, capable of cooking food within 1° of the target temperature. It straddled the market between traditional pan-cooking (which utilizes heating coils or gas, producing uneven heat dispersion) and the Sous Vide method (widely-considered the “gold standard” in cooking quality and precision) which utilizes vacuum-sealed plastic containers to hold food in place as it is submerged in a boiling water bath.

While the product is fundamentally different than either method, it bears much in common with elements of both. To help “anchor” the product tangible in the audience’s mind, I attempted to lean on its more established competitors, while also differentiating it from the downsides of either method. Sous Vide may be the gold standard in quality, but it is a hassle: vacuum-sealed bags, water baths, pots, pans, and appliances galore. It’s great but it comes with a lot of baggage… This lead me to the following campaign.