ClockInEasy is a mobile app & web platform for employee clock-ins and workforce management. With a strong development and design team, but minimal marketing success, ClockInEasy retained my services for a broader strategic overhaul. Working closely with both the product and operations team, we got to work on addressing some core customer needs—both in the communications strategy and improving broader audience-market fit. In this capacity, I developed a multi-front content strategy and generated assets for both inbound & outbound campaigns.

The mediums covered included social media, advertising & promotions, web copy & SEO, blog content (including improving its visibility & reach), and both inbound & outbound email marketing campaigns. The email campaigns were implemented with personalized content, audience segmentation (by industry and on-site behavior) & message targeting. Content was A/B tested for optimal results and automated funnels were constructed according to a series of conditional logic parameters.