Copywriting & Content Strategy

Like every form of writing at its core, good copywriting is about storytelling. It is evocative. It is engaging. It makes us feel something. As study after study continues to show, consumer behavior is primarily driven by emotion, not reason. Stories move us, they speak to us, and they compel a reaction. When I approach a project, I begin by analyzing what specific reaction I am trying to generate. Sometimes, the goal is to drive purchases. Sometimes, a brand simply is seeking to reassure current customers about their decision. Other times, the goal may simply be to raise brand awareness. Each requires a different strategy and approach.

Tell Your Story... Not Someone Else's:

Success comes from standing out, not fitting in.

-Don Draper

More Experience, More Insight

I believe that my extensive experience in multiple different professional writing mediums has enabled me to approach projects in a unique, interdisciplinary manner, giving me a leg up on the competition. With a broader perspective, I am able to take different aspects from each different medium & vertical and apply them when needed.

Prior Presence & Rebrand

A "Before & After" of a Client, Inexora Media, who contracted me for a full company rebrand.

inexora media homepage redesign top
01. Homepage layout
inexora media website portfolio section
02. Homepage Layout (continued)
inexora media website bottom redesign
03. Homepage Layout (continued)

A Partnership for Success

My objective is to help you generate the exact emotional reaction you are looking for, to be able to meet your specific project goals. I work closely with my clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the story I am telling on their behalf. A partnership is about trust and that is why I believe in clear, concise, and expressive communication, just as I believe in clear, concise, and expressive copy. Every brand, every client, and every project has a story to tell. While some may attempt to simply mimic a more successful competitor’s approach, I believe that the best solutions for a client are found through identifying and channeling the authentic inner voice of their brand.

Prior Results

By considering the end-to-end experience of potential customers, I have been able to achieve highly-successful results for my clients. For more detail on the impact of my services, please refer to individual client portfolio pages and the case studies available on my resources page.