For a client biotechnology company, SpringWorks Therapeutics, I originated corporate identity copy including values-driven “Leadership Competencies,” working closely with SpringWorks’ human resources department to ensure accurate production of their internal mission. The primary goal was to build a clear, concise, and evocative company culture document that could communicate the company values on a broad scale. This HR copy project was of an extremely time-sensitive nature and was requested on a Friday morning and completed on-schedule by Sunday night, meeting a very strict client deadline.

SpringWorks Therapeutics is a mission-driven medicines company dedicated to developing innovative potential new treatments for underserved patient communities. A venture backed by well-established industry authorities including Pfizer and LifeArc, SpringWorks Therapeutics initially secured a $103 million Series A financing round in 2017, followed recently by the completion of a $125 million Series B in April 2019. In the fall of 2019, Springworks Therapeutics went public in a $186.3 million IPO that valued the biotechnology firm at close to a billion-dollars.