Case Studies, Results, & Other Resources:

For the original white papers, refer to the download links just below. Here, we will include some summary excerpts, quotes, and achieved results in brief form. The first white paper, titled “Detailed Case Study A White Paper on the Rebranding of “Inexora Media” (B2B)” profiles in extended depth and detail our process, specific methods, and an example of significant business results that a client, Inexora Media, was able to achieve after contracting our services for a comprehensive rebrand & strategic alignment. There is also a visual, storytelling-driven version of this case study available on a separate portfolio page linked here.

By considering the end-to-end experience of potential customers—and having the freedom to completely overhaul all prior brand presence and online structure—I was able to get potential customers perfectly positioned to make actionable decisions on the client’s brand … for the first time, the business was … successfully engaging companies with annual ad-spend budgets in excess of $5B (a figure >10x the previous client pipeline potential value), via direct contact.

The second case study listed below demonstrates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results that I was able to achieve for a client—who requested their company name be withheld, as they allowed us to utilize the name of the vendor they had employed prior (an established SEO firm) to provide a proper comparison—through the Brooklyn-based, boutique creative agency that I own and operate, Ink, Inc. Creative Group. Select quoted results are featured just below, with the entire case study available for download at the bottom of the page.

The trial period—rather short in comparison to industry average, at only one month—was highly-successful for Client, resulting in an increase in organic search impressions of 209% compared to prior period, and an overall increase in search click-through traffic to Client website of 43% in the same period. Better yet, given the superior nature of the strategies we employed, the traffic generated was of a far higher-quality than previous search traffic, increasing broader market exposure through an association with the marque brands that Client had worked with. This resulted not only in web traffic growth but also business growth, as Client’s online presence and website was now able to generate direct contact from top brands seeking a working relationship with Client. Subsequently, Client secured both an increase in average deal-size and registered the largest amount inbound-driven sales—in both total pipeline value and overall closed deal amount—in Client’s company history.

More materials, including industry-specific examples and results, are available upon request. Please utilize the contact page to make any requests or to inquire about a project.


Downloads — Source Files, Documents, & Case Studies:

First case study on a comprehensive rebrand & strategic alignment of a client, Inexora Media, available for download here.

The second case study, profiling the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results that my boutique creative agency, Ink, Inc. Creative Group, was able to achieve for a client who had employed AdIQ as their prior vendor, is available for download here.